AirPods Condition Guide

How to Choose between Grade A or Grade B for your AirPods replacement?

Kickyx offers AirPods Replacement parts for 1st, 2nd and Pro Gen in two Grade Types (A/B) that represent varying condition factors. All units and individual parts go through an extensive cleaning process before being tested and graded. Please use the guide below to find grading information and answers to popular questions for Grade A AirPods and Grade B AirPods. 

Are both Grades fully functional?

Yes. We perform thorough testing to ensure that each AirPod part is 100% fully functional and ready to use upon receipt for both Grade A and Grade B AirPods.

How is the battery life of your AirPods?

Battery life of your AirPods is extremely important to us. Over time, AirPods naturally lose maximum battery life capacity like many battery operated electronics such as your phone; We set our minimum threshold at 65% of the maximum battery capacity. Grade A AirPods will have a larger capacity while Grade B guarantees 65% or greater, the rest will be determined by other cosmetic factors.

What is Grade A AirPods?

Grade A AirPods (left/right) will have very little wear and be in a mint or like-new condition. The Grade A AirPods Case will also have little to no wear and still have its shine with small superficial scratches (usually seen under glare). Overall, Grade A means like new or mint condition.

What is Grade B AirPods?

Grade B AirPods (left/right/case) will have normal wear which can be anything from scratches, scuffs, dings, dents and discoloration. Note once again that these are fully functional but cosmetic wear is what sets it apart from Grade A condition. 

What about the Condition of the AirPods Pro?

The AirPods Pro follow the same grading rules as our 1st and 2nd Gen AirPods — Please note that the AirPods Pro ship with a random sized silicone tip (S, M, L)

How do I know which AirPods I have and which condition is right for me?

You can use our guide to help identify your AirPods and ensure you are choosing the correct parts. As for condition, we would recommend that you choose the one that fits your budget as we note that both are fully functional.