2nd Gen Airpod Replacement Piece

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Are you looking for an AirPod Replacement? We sell Authentic AirPod Replacements for Left Side, Right Side, and the AirPod Charging Case. The models for the 2nd generations AirPod Replacement parts are: A1602 for the 2nd generation wired charging case, A1938 for the 2nd generation wireless charging case, A2032 for the 2nd generation right side, and A2031 for the 2nd generation left side.

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  • right AirPod replacement 2nd gen
  • left AirPod replacement 2nd gen
  • replacement AirPod charging case 2nd gen
Weight3 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 cm
AirPod 2nd Generation Replacement Parts

2nd Gen. AirPod Charging Case Replacement (A1602), 2nd Gen. AirPod Wireless Charging Case Replacement (A1938), 2nd Gen. Left Side AirPod Replacement (A2031), 2nd Gen. Right Side AirPod Replacement (A2031)

AirPod Part Condition

Grade A, Grade B